Waxing & Bleaching

The ancient Egyptians used to wax their hairs out.  Humans have always endeavoured to beautify themselves.  Some things never change.

Lightening dark hairs is an alternative solution to waxing.

Too scared to try waxing?
At Luna Rosa we try our best not to hurt you – as we rip the hairs out of your body!  The emphasis at our clinic is on your comfort; not our speed.  So come on, don’t be chicken! Give it a go.


Brow Tidy $15 Mono Brow $12
Brow Shape $20 Nape of Neck
Upper Lip $12 Chest OR Stomach
Chin Wax $18 CHEST & STOMACH
Chin & Throat $25 Forearms
Chin, Jawline & Throat $30 Full Arms & Shoulders
Full Facial Wax
Lower Legs
Full Legs $70
Upper or Half Back $30
Full Arms
Upper Back & Shoulders $40
Lower Legs
Upper Back, Shoulders & Nape of Neck $45
Upper Legs
Full Back, Shoulders & Nape of Neck $55
3/4 Legs
Full Back, Shoulders,
Upper Arms & Nape of Neck
Full Legs

Full Legs & Bikini
Bikini (basic line) $20 Upper Lip $15
Extended Bikini $30 Chin $20
Bikini (G-string line) $35 UPPER LIP & CHIN $30
Brazilian $60 Chin & Throat $30
Brazilian (re-book) $50 Jaw Line & Cheeks $35
Tummy Line $12 Full Facial $45
Low Rider Line $12 Forearms $45


Will waxing or plucking make my hair growth thicker?
Personally I don’t believe this myth.  You only need to see what happens to eye brows that have been regularly plucked over a period of time, to realise that eventually they virtually all stop growing.
My clients and I have also noticed a reduction in their hair growth rate on waxed legs, and elsewhere, over time.
Hormones are what change your hair growth pattern.  Hormones are responsible for the gradual spread in hair growth area of specific locations, such as the bikini line or a man’s back or chest.  This will happen even if you never pluck or wax.
Other factors which affect hair growth are age, stress, illness, disease or drugs, such as steroids or the contraceptive pill.

Will waxing or plucking make my hairs grow back darker?
This is debatable.  Again, personally I can’t see the logic in this statement.  I believe that if your hairs do begin to darken, then they were going to do so anyway.  Some children’s scalp hair is often blonde when they are young and it commonly darkens as they get older.  Waxing or plucking wasn’t responsible for that … one hopes!!!  Hormones affect melanin (hair colour pigment) production.

Alternative Methods:
If you are worried about waxing, you could elect to use a more permanent method of hair removal; such as electrolysis or IPL Laser hair removal.

There is some more intersting information to read, regarding hair growth, on my ‘Electrolysis’ page and on my “IPL – Frequently Asked Questions” page.