Spray Tans & Body Scrub

‘Tanline’  Spray Tans

  • Natural looking.  It does NOT look orange.
  • The spray tan solution with a specialised moisturising treatment.
  • Great for weddings and special occasions, or sunny holidays.
  • A ‘pick-you-up’ when you feel the need to spoil yourself.
  • Hydrating.  Wears off evenly.
  • A choice of four different shades available.
Legs Only Tan $30
Upper Body Tan $40
Full Body Tan $60
Regular Full Body Tan $50
Full Body Scrub & Tan $130


The “Tanline” Brand:
“Tanline gives you a very natural, realistic looking tan.  We’ve used this brand for four years now, and I promise you, it will not look orange.  With four shades to choose from, we’ll find the right shade to suit you.  The best of your tan will be gone within a week.  Your stained (tanned) skin cells will slough off naturally within one to two weeks.  The tanning solution will NOT protect you from ultra violet light, so be sure to wear a good sun block which will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.  Sun block is available for sale at the clinic.

When to book:
It is best to have your spray tan applied one to two days before your special event.  The best of your tan will have faded within the first week. It will be completely gone within two weeks.

Book your spray tan for any time of the day or evening that suits you, but I suggest that you tan in the evening if it suits, because then you can go home to bed and not worry about being careful with water, and feeling a little sticky all day.  You should wait at least eight hours before you shower.  The tan will wash out of your clothes and your bed linen, but don’t risk your best pure whites, in case of any slight discolouration.

Before your tan:
It is important to exfoliate, before you are spray tanned, in order to buff off all the dry, dead skin cells. This will optimise your flawless tanned look.  Exfoliate your face and body the night before or the morning of your tan.  Don’t forget to exfoliate the backs of your hands, the tops of your toes, the edges of your feet, plus your ankles, knees and elbows.  The colour will ‘grab’ at extra dry skin.  Do not apply deodorant or moisturiser immediately before your tan; a few hours prior is alright.  You will not be able to shower, or get wet at all, for about eight hours: 6 hours minimum; 8 hours recommended.

What to wear:
You can be spray tanned in whatever clothing you wish to wear; or not to wear!  Disposable G-strings are available.   Please be sure to bring loose flowing clothing to wear home, and choose something that’s easy to put on over your head or easy to pull up your legs.  A sarong, or loose dress, a loose t-shirt, a man’s big, long sleeved shirt, loose track pants, or even pyjamas are popular in the evening.  If you are to be spray tanned during the day, it is good to wear long sleeves and long pants, so that you won’t wipe your tan over things throughout the day, especially when you sit down.

Body Scrub:
Relax and have your pre-tan exfoliation done for you, in the form of a lovely, thirty minute body massage. Then take a quick shower and you’re ready for your beautiful, flawless spray tan.