Red Vein & Skin Tag Removal

Thread-like veins on the face:         

  • broken or dilated capillaries
  • thread veins
  • blood spots
  • spider veins 

We also treat small skin tags.

Fee redeemable on your first treatment

Twenty Minutes $25
Thirty Minutes $45
Forty Minutes $65
Sixty Minutes $80

Red Veins:
This condition may be formed as a result of weakness of the skin.
Skin is made fragile by exposure to harsh elements such as extremes of weather, rough daily treatment, or the use of strong or caustic skin care products.  Stress may also be a factor, although not a sole cause.   Other causes of permanently enlarged capillaries include direct injury, frequent hay fever and head colds, (blowing noses), medications, smoking, alcohol, spicy food, hormonal changes, the ageing process, hereditary factors and UV exposure. 

Skin Tags:
Skin tags form as a result of friction to the skin.  Necklaces sometimes cause small skin tags and they are common where the bra wires rub.  There are many other causes of skin tags.  Small skin tags are easily removed.

Red vein and skin tag treatments are performed with a similar technique to electrolysis.  
There is a definite little sting with each probe, but it is not at all unbearable.