Nails: Gel & Acrylic

Bio Sculpture Gel – Nail Enhancements

Do you have trouble growing your nails?  Do they chip or split?  Bite?
Have your nails overlaid with Bio Sculpture Gel and watch them grow. 

  • Enhance your nails with glossy gel.
  • Clear, coloured or french Gels
  • Chip proof
  • Looks natural
  • Stays flexible
  • Protects your nails
  • Prevents nails from splitting
  • Spectacular results for nail biters
  • Will not crack  (like acrylic gels do)
  • Try glossy, chip-proof gel overlay on your toe nails.



Clear Overlay – on Natural Nail $55
Coloured Overlay – on Natural Nail $65
French Overlay – on Natural Nail $75
Temporary Party Tips
French Acrylic Tip Extensions $75
Gel Clear Sculptured Extensions $75
Gel Colour Sculptured Extensions $85
Gel French Sculptured Extensions $95
Clear Backfills – Infill at Cuticles $45
Coloured Backfills – Infill at Cuticles $55
French Backfills – Infill at Cuticles
& at French Tips
Nail Repairs  –  each  $15
Nail Repairs with backfills  –  each $10
Gel Soak Off $25

Try a gel overlay or french tips on your toe nails.

  • Lovely with open-toe shoes for summer and evening wear.
  • Gel is glossy and chip-proof.  It will last the life of your toe nails.
  • French toe nails look very sopisticated.
  • You and your friends will be impressed.
  • Finger nails look simply stunning when overlaid with gel.
  • $10 reduction when applied with full pedicure or manicure. 
  • See ‘Manicures & Pedicures’ page for regular prices.