About Us

Welcome to “Luna Rosa Health and Beauty”.

Here at Luna Rosa we want you to enjoy your salon experience
and to go away feeling better than when you arrived.
You will receive our best treatment, with the best possible results.

We offer a thoroughly professional service with a friendly, casual touch.
No pretensions; no airs and graces; we just want you to feel comfortable.
(This is the “Royal WE” as I actually work alone for the time being.)

I look forward, one day, to bringing another beautician on board, to increase services and availability, to answer the phone and messages more quickly, and to allow you more flexibility with your appointment times.

I am very excited to be able to offer IPL (Laser) treatments.  It’s a wonderful and innovative new addition to the beauty industry.

Seven years ago I was part of the very first class in New Zealand to sit the “ITEC International Diploma for IPL and Laser”.   You can read all about IPL (Laser) treatments on the “IPL  FAQ” (Intense Pulsed Light – Frequently Asked Questions) page.  I think you’ll find this very helpful.

Why the change of name?
The new salon name resolves several issues:
Firstly, other “First Impressions” businesses exist, which prompted me to think up another name.
The name “First Impressions” was a particularly appropriate name for my “Make-up Artistry” business,
however the additional qualification of Beauty Therapist justified the name change, and the timing was perfect.
Also; I was unable to get a website for ‘firstimpressions’ – and I had no trouble securing ‘lunarosa’.
“Luna Rosa” means “Pink Moon” or “Rose Moon” – (in Spanish and Italian).
That’s ‘Rosa’ – not ‘Rossa’:  Rosa means pink and Rossa means red. – (everybody asks)
I chose this name because there is a family connection with each word, plus I have a bit of an obsession with pink.   I hope you like the new name as much I do.

Beauty Therapist:        International CIBTAC Qualification
IPL Operator:                   International ITEC Qualification
Make-up Artist:                  Film & TV NZQA Qualification
Make-up Tutor:                   Skin Care & Make-up Specialist
Massage Therapist:            Over Twenty Years Experience
Nail Technician:                      Nail Systems International
Colours Consultant:                        ‘Colours in Harmony
Skin Care Specialist:                     ‘Mary Kay’ Cosmetics
Herbal Nutritionist:           ‘Nature’s Sunshine’ Products
Salon Distributor:        ‘Thalgo’ Marine Beauty Skin Care
.                             ‘Aquatonale’ Professional Skin Care
.                     ‘Mary Kay’ Skin Care & Colour Cosmetics
.          ‘Intraceuticals’ Hyperbaric Oxygen Technologies